Sponge Bath

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About the Product

Sponge Bath consists of three fonts designed to complement each other perfectly. Together or apart the fonts are ideal for adding special decorative to your crafts.

1. Sponge Bath Sans: An elegant and bold playful display font full of details and gimmicks.
2. Sponge Bath Serif: A decorative outline font containing chic hand-drawn ornaments.
3. Sponge Bath Silhouette: A cute hand-drawn dingbat font that adds an incredibly playful feel when combined with Sponge Bath sans and serif, also equally as good on its own as a crafty font.

Combine Sponge Bath san, serif, and silhouette to create your stunning and unique designs.

Included in this pack:
• 3 OTF (OpenType Font)
• 3 TTF (TrueType Font)

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